About Us

We are a small business organization servicing Ontario with comprehensive, reliable medical billing services since 2000.

In doing so we are able to accommodate physician’s busy and hectic schedules by taking over the responsibility of their:

  • OHIP Submissions to the Ministry of Health
  • Reconciliation of Submissions
  • Error Report Follow-Ups
  • Reciprocal Billings
  • WSIB
  • FAS (Refugee Billings)
  • 3rd-party Billings (Honorariums, On-call Services)

With the passing of the legislation of January, 2006 that allows Ontario’s physicians to incorporate their medical practice, we have found that more and more physicians are in need of having their bookkeeping completed.

We now provide this service at a much lower rate than hiring a full time accountant, please see pricing under Bookkeeping Services.

AE Medical Billings will provide you or your accountant copies of books for year-end review and in preparation of your yearly corporate income tax filing.